Youth sexuality

Since 1980, the BZgA has been analysing young people's attitudes and behaviour towards education, sexuality and contraception. The representative repeat survey on youth sexuality forms the core study. The special methodological feature lies in the simultaneous questioning of adolescents and one parent, so that inter-family influencing factors can be worked out, statements can be compared and discrepancies can be pointed out. Further studies on youth sexuality deal with the target groups of young people with impairments and underage pregnant women and look into the questions of how young people organise sexuality and relationships, what values and ideals they hold and what role the Internet and the new media play in this.

Sexual and social relationships

Among 19–25-year-old male and female students

The sexual and relationship behaviour of young, academically educated men and women is the focal point of the current study. Commissioned by the BZgA, the Institut für Sexualforschung und Forensische Psyiatrie at the University Clinic Hamburg-Eppendorf is examining the reproductive behaviour as well as the effects of the ‘new media’ on the sexual socialization of young, highly educated adults.

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