Sexual abuse / sexualized violence

Prevention of sexual abuse

With the pregnancy conflict law of 1992, sexual education was first enshrined in law and implemented nationwide by the BZgA. Today, children and adolescents are educated at school and at home, and knowledge has continuously improved. A holistic positive sexual education is an important contribution to the prevention of sexual abuse. However, this alone is not enough to prevent sexual abuse. Although children are increasingly sensitised when it comes to crossing borders, they often do not know where to turn.

The expertise of instructors

Working in in-service training in the context of preventing sexualized violence against girls and boys

The goal of this study is to obtain and honour the expertise and insights of further training instructors in the area of preventing sexualized violence in childhood and adolescence. Generalizable, comprehensive expert knowledge for fundamental further training on the subject of sexualized violence in childhood and adolescence is to be obtained. This knowledge is to be made available for developing further measures in the area of preventing sexualized violence.

‘Trau dich!’ Evaluation of results

Initiative to prevent sexual abuse of children:

As part of the evaluation of the results, checking the efficacy of the ‘Trau dich!’ initiative for the target groups children, parents and teachers was a central goal. The play, the parents’ evening, the teacher-training sessions and the classroom materials to prepare for the play and discuss it afterwards were all evaluated.

Topic of investigation

The efficacy or the success of the individual pillars of the initiative (play, educational debrief, training sessions, parents’ evening) among the various target groups

‘Trau dich!’

Initiative to prevent sexual abuse of children:

The nationwide initiative to prevent sexual abuse of children combines a number of measures to combat sexual abuse under the umbrella term ‘Trau dich!’. The initiative is part of the Action Plan 2011 issued by the Government to protect children against sexual violence and exploitation.

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