The BZgA has been analysing the attitudes and behaviour of young people regarding sex education, sexuality and contraception since 1980. Youth sexuality 2014/15 is the eighth study in this ongoing series.

The goal of the survey was to obtain empirical data, which, because of the representative nature of the samples, would allow reliable statements to be made about the attitudes and behaviours of young people in the Federal Republic of Germany, and – for young people of German background – of their parents, with regard to sexuality education.

The current study follows on from previous studies with the express goal of revealing trends among young people. However, it does more than just continue to describe trends: it also differs with respect to its altered sample. This was the first time that young adults between the ages of 18 and 25 were included in the study. The extension of the age span allows the BZgA to pursue the developments as the subjects transition from being minors to young adults; there is no resilient data on this age group in the previous studies. The report at hand presents the results from the survey of 14–25-year-olds. It summarizes the most important results of the survey; the data is presented both in text form and diagrammatically.