Sexuality among Students in the Internet Age
Sexuality among Students in the Internet Age

The sexual and relationship behavior of young, academically educated women and men is the focus of the current study. On behalf of the BZgA, the Institute for Sexual Research and Forensic Psychiatry of the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf is investigating the reproductive behavior and the effects of the "new media" on the sexual socialization of young, highly educated adults.


Publication Content

  • Introduction / Silja Matthiesen

Relationships and sexuality

  • Staying faithful to "The One" - sexual and relationship histories of young adults / Maika Böhm, Arne Dekker, Silja Matthiesen
  • Something else !? - Student relationships beyond monosexiality and monogamy / Maika Böhm
  • Hookup culture and one-night-stands - students and casual sex / Gesine Plagge, Silja Matthiesen

Desire and frustration

  • Between pleasure and anxiety - how do students use pornography? / Maika Böhm, Philipp Franz, Arne Dekker, Silja Matthiesen
  • Solo sex? - Certainly! / Maika Böhm, Silja Matthiesen
  • Sexual problems - how do students cope? / Silja Matthiesen, Arne Dekker

Children and university

  • No children during university? - students´attitudes to family planning / Philipp Franz, Silja Matthiesen
  • Pregnant at university - start a family or have a termination? / Philipp Franz, Silja Matthiesen

Results, trends and research

  • Hypotheses and conclusions for research and practice / Silja Matthiesen

Matthiesen, S. et. al., BZgA, Cologne 2017