Concept for Sexuality Education

The BZgA has been commissioned by the Pregnancy Conflict Act (Schwangerschaftskonfliktgesetz - SchKG), with the participation of the regions and in cooperation with representatives of the family counselling institutions of all the executing agencies, to develop concepts and to develop and disseminate nationwide measures for sex education and family planning. This mandate is specified in a framework concept for sex education agreed with the federal states.

General Concept

Sexuality Education

The General Concept for Sexuality Education was developed and adopted by the Federal-State Coordination Circle and in 2016, it was updated and revised with the participation of all federal states. Basic assumption is the definition of sexuality as an existential, fundamental human need and a central element of an individual‘s identity and the development of his/her personality.

The General Concept for Sexuality Education is available for download in the following languages:

Sexuality Education

Persons with Impairments

Any form of support directed toward the establishment of self-determined sexuality and family planning of persons with impairments demands the full recognition of the individuality and autonomy of persons with impairments – as well as self-reflection with regard to one’s own sexuality. With respect to sexuality education this means

  • that People with impairments should not be viewed as a homogeneous group.
  • Disability itself should not be treated as a special theme, but as a cross-sectional topic from sexuality education.

Seen from this vantage point, sexuality education is directed toward respecting the variations in human life – present both in people and their life circumstances – and approaching the themes that result from these variations.

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