Youth Sexuality 2015. Repeat Survey

They are sexually active and are good with contraception. These two factors characterize the 14–17 and 18–25-year-olds today. Cultural differences exist depending on background. All this is revealed by the current results of the new BZgA study ‘Youth Sexuality 2015’, which was presented in Berlin on 12 November 2015.

Sexual and social relationships among 19­–25-year-old male and female students

The sexual and relationship behaviour of young, academically educated men and women is the focal point of the current study. Commissioned by the BZgA, the Institut für Sexualforschung und Forensische Psyiatrie at the University Clinic Hamburg-Eppendorf is examining the reproductive behaviour as well as the effects of the ‘new media’ on the sexual socialization of young, highly educated adults.

Work and a desire for children, contraception and family planning, reconciliation problems and deferring starting a family: are these all women’s issues? At least in public discourse and research it still looks that way. “men’s lives” is one of the still rather rare studies investigating the role of men in matters relating to family planning and starting a family. 1,500 men aged between 25 and 54 were interviewed.